What Salon Owners Are Saying:

  • Working with Pompadour couldn't be easier.  I work in a salon suite, so I love being able to order in small quantities.  Pompadour has the right setup for me to make sure I'm ordering just enough products without being overstocked (or going broke).

    Natalie, Sola Salons

  • Love, love, love that they offer free shipping to anywhere in the US, especially when my order is delivered in 2-3 days.   I'm not sure why anyone still goes through a distributor or sales rep while continuing to pay high shipping prices for slow delivery.  Also, I love the convenience of ordering online on my schedule!

    Wendy, WA

  • First of all, both product lines are amazing!  I have a mix of clients in my salon so Pompadour Pro has been great for my women clientele while Mister Pompadour allows me to offer something for the guys.  I only have to carry the products that actually sell so I'm not left with products that are collecting dust on my shelves.  Keep up the good work guys!

    Stefanie, NC